Safety First for Remote Driving

Safety First for Remote Driving

Driverless teleoperated vehicles have to ensure total safety in reaction to changing network conditions. Mapless AI develops patent-pending safety technology that keeps the vehicle and its surroundings protected at all times.

The Mapless Safety System operates independent of network connection and ensures safety for a teleoperated vehicle if the connection to the remote operator is impacted. Connectivity issues are detected and the system immediately transitioned into a fail-operational mode that is fully independent of the network.

Commercial Fleet-Friendly and Scalable

The Mapless Safety System – a combination of software and aftermarket hardware – is purpose-built for quick and easy installation in existing vehicles. The installation is temporary and fully reversible, and incurs no cosmetic damage to the vehicle. Post-use, the vehicle can be quickly returned to its original state for de-fleeting.

Hybrid & EV Fleet Focused

While a wide selection of vehicles can be retrofitted, Mapless AI places a deliberate focus on popular hybrids & EVs. We are open to pursuing partnership opportunities with commercial fleets that are looking to increase their hybrid/EV fleet size in 2023.