Drive. Remotely. Safely.

A one-stop, plug-in solution for remote car operation.

Remote Driving

Mapless' technology enables full operational remote control of existing fleet vehicles from thousands of miles away. Safe remote operation decouples driver staff from fleet assets, opens up access to new labor pools, and improves overall fleet efficiency.

Remote Driving

Safety First

Mapless' proprietary technology provides optimized, low-latency connectivity between remote operators and fleet vehicles. A fail-operational, patent-pending safety system protects the fleet asset at all times and operates independently of network connectivity.

Safety First

Built For Existing Fleets

Our fleet-friendly, scalable retrofits combine software and automotive-grade hardware that are designed to be quickly and easily installed on existing vehicles. The temporary installation is easily and fully reversible, and incurs no cosmetic damage to the vehicle.

Built For Existing Fleets

Advantages of Dispatch-as-a-Service

Want to avoid on-boarding your own driver staff? Rely on our trained remote operators to dispatch your fleet vehicles on-demand where and when you need it.

Easy Fleet Integration

Can be retrofitted to a wide selection of fleet vehicles to enable driverless operation.

Leverage Trained Remote Drivers

Our trained and qualified operator staff on stand-by to service your requests.

Fully Insured Remote Operations

A one-stop solution that includes insurance during remote operation.

Delivered Driverless and On-Demand

Configurable service levels assure timely dispatch and task completion.

In the News

Mapless AI Tests Remotely Operated Cars at Pittsburgh Airport
Nov 7, 2022

Mapless AI Tests Remotely Operated Cars at Pittsburgh Airport

WPXI News takes our fleet valet service at Pittsburgh Airport for a spin.

Categories: Pittsburgh Airport Video

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